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Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello, Monday...
 I am linking up with Carissa again for Miscellany Monday

- ONE-

And so it begins.... Jason and I spent a big chunk of yesterday cleaning out, organizing, and packing a few boxes from the spare bedroom.  I am not one to just throw things in a box, in fact I have gone through and looked at every single thing we have packed.  It took us about 2 hours to go through 1/2 of the closet in there.  I'm sure you are thinking holy crap what did you have in that closet, but really it was just a lot of school stuff.  We also organized 2 toolboxes we have.  Nothing bothers me more than nails and screws all over the place.  Okay fine- I may be a little OCD. That's is the exact reason why I started early! 


Saturday we spent the day doing homework... we live an exciting life- I know you are jealous.  I had a test (the RN predictor) from 12-3.... it surprisingly went okay.  I was almost positive that I was going to fail it, but I ended up passing.  It doesn't count for anything regardless, just makes you feel like an idiot lol. Jason also took me on a date to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday to celebrate the new job! We forgot that it was parents weekend at Liberty so it was CRAZY in there.  We had a good time though.  I am thankful for times that we can just sit and talk about life, and the changes that are about to come.  It is all very exciting, but we know it will be hard sometimes.  I am just glad that I have Jason to take each step with.  Love you babe! 


Last night Jason and I filled up our calendar with things we would like to do before and after the move.  This included: 4 Liberty basketball games, the Nutcracker at Bass Hall, the Lady Antebellum concert, Texas Tech vs. Texas basketball game, and Baylor vs. Texas Tech.  It is exciting to think of all the things we will be able to do once we are there.  For now, we will soak up the time we have left here and enjoy a few things we love to do in Lynchburg. 

Thank you for those the love and congratulations about the job.  It is definitely an exciting time around our house! 

More on our journey next time,

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  1. We can't wait to have you closer so we can share the seasons and times with you both too!!!