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Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Jason...

Well this marks my 2nd blog post in history and it is a special one.  This one goes out to my wife.  I believe 76 days from now she will be graduating from nursing school and that will probably be the 2nd most important day in our relationship, the first is getting married of course.  That day will represent the ending of a long journey and the beginning of the rest of her nursing life.  Since I met Heather in late 2006 I have seen her journey through nursing school never letting go of her goal of becoming a nurse.  Ever since she was little she has wanted to be a nurse and she is soon to accomplish that goal.  I envy her faithfulness and perseverance, she has never given up even when times got tough with extremely hard tests, ridiculously late nights working on projects and extremely early clinical mornings.  One of the things she has impressed me the most with is that she has never forgotten about me.  It can be so easy to concentrate only on what is in front of you and allow blinders to get in the way of what is around you.  She continues to encourage me and always make sure she is interested in what is going on with me personally and with me working both of my jobs.  That means more to me than she could ever know. She is applying for jobs and she continues to be faithful and I continue to watch in amazement how God has blessed her and us during this time.  So, this post goes out to the woman I love and the one that I admire, Heather Lauren Dew!

More on our journey next time, 


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  1. You know... you are exactly what Heather needed! A christian leader, encourager, loving husband, and a hard worker! We are sure glad you are part of our family!!!! Love you bunches!