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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday which means I'm linking up here for WILW! 

- ONE-
I LOVE that mom and dad bought their ticket to come to Lynchburg one last time for graduation and to help drive us to Texas! We are so thankful that they are willing to help us! I remember when I moved to Virginia mom said "I will never do this drive again...." It is pretty brutal, but at least its only 18ish hours this time lol. 

I am LOVING that this is my last weekend of clinicals!!! I am so excited! It is hard to believe that they are my last days in the hospital as a student EVER... The next time I'm working a 12 hour shift I will be getting paid! Thankful!!! 

I am LOVING the fact that I have been listening to nothing but Christmas music this week. I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season- Jason says because I like to give people presents- true, but I just love the time with family.  There are so many things that we do every year together to celebrate.  
Currently on repeat:

I am loving some Christmas finds on pinterest...... 

For some reason I didn't do this on Monday.... So here is the countdown
Thanksgiving: 22 days
Graduation: 44 days
 (3 days of class, 2 projects, 2 finals, 1 journal, 6 weeks (including Thanksgiving))
Christmas: 53 days 

More on our journey next time, 


  1. You have so many great things coming!

  2. Ok this is going to sound so random but I know your hubby! We used to go to church together....small world. Anyway, I can't believe Michael Buble put out a christmas album and I missed it. Picking that up asap!! Have a great day! :)

  3. Sarah- that is too funny! I will have to tell Jason! Oh and the CD is GREAT!!!! thanks for the comment! Hope your day has gone better!