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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update and WILW

I hope that everyone had a very restful thanksgiving with family.  We definitely have much to be thankful for! There is alot to update on and I will just add my update to my traditional wednesday post!  
I'm linking up here for WILW!

I am loving that we made it to Texas!
Getting to Texas... traveling is always so unpredictable and we both know that, but getting to Texas was very interesting.  We got dropped off at the airport around 9:15 Tuesday morning by one of my greatest friends in Lynchburg (love you Rachel) only to find out that there was 0 visibility and they were not allowing any planes to land in Roanoke.  The plane we were supposed to be on got diverted to Greensboro, NC and they were not expecting any flights to go out that day because of the fog. The next thing we know, I have talked to the Delta reps on the phone 3 times, and we are on a bus on our way to Greensboro (a 2 hour ish drive).  We got there and boarded a plane for Atlanta (delayed again), and realized that we were going to have very little time once we landed to make our flight to DFW.  We had approximately 6 minutes to get down about 20 gates.... No we didn't make fools out of ourselves by running through the airport. : ) We made it just as they were about to close the door!  Knowing that we only had 6 minutes to get to the plane we knew that there was no way that our bag was making, however there was a flight after that leaving Atlanta at 10 and arriving in DFW at 12:30.  I confirmed that our bag would be on this flight only to be told that they stop their delivery of bags at 12:00, therefore they would delivery it in the morning, or we could come back to get it.  This wouldn't be a problem, but Jason had an interview the next morning- so we had to have our bag! After getting back to the airport (a 30 min. drive)  we finally made it back to my grandparents around 2:00 am.  All was good, and we were happy until, we got to the gate and the security guard wouldn't let us through because the last name McPherson was on the list (not dew) and the man wouldn't take my word for it that I am a McPherson lol.  We then got to wake up the whole house in order for my grandparents to verify that I was okay to come in.  LONG DAY!!!!  It's funny to look back on, but we made it!!! 

Wednesday in Texas... 
Jason had an interview with a company, and he feels like everything went very well.  We are still praying about the opportunity, and want to make sure that Jase is exactly where the Lord wants him! After that we met our realtor and looked at 13 possible houses- some were really great, and others REALLY bad (including a really horrible cat urine smell)  We did submit an application on one house, and found out today that we got it!!!  I am LOVING that we got everything done that needed to get done, and that my parents were there to help me see the good and bad in each house.  Wednesday was concluded with Joe T Garcias, perhaps one of the greatest Mexican food places in the metroplex.  

We had a great Thanksgiving day with 15 family members, many that we haven't seen since our wedding.  We had more than enough food, conversation and laughter.  I know Jason was glad to have 10 other men to sit and watch football with all afternoon.  It was fun to see him interact with them, I am so glad that he fits right in! We all went to the movies, Tradition on Thanksgiving day in my family, and we have confirmed that my grandmother should never be allowed to pick the movie again! We definitely had a good time though! 


I am LOVING that my parents let us play a little after all that had to be done at the beginning of our trip.  My grandparents left for a trip Friday night just as the four of us were leaving for dinner at the Fort Worth club, and the Bass Hall to see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra in their Home for the Holidays production.  It was fun to hear traditional Christmas music, and start the season! 

Saturday we went to the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game at the Cowboys stadium.  Can i just say WOW! We were about 18 rows from the field, and had a great time.  Tech didn't play so well, but it was fun to see how far Baylor has come since I was at school there.  I will make no comment about the game lol. 


Our trip home was flawless (praise the Lord).  We got home around 4, and Rachel and I sat and worked on a quiz for 2 hours before she had to go to a meeting.  During her 2.5 hour meeting Jason and I threw together the trifold board for my group project that was due Tuesday morning.  Rachel came back and we worked for another 1.5 on the quiz, and Jason and I finally finished my project around midnight.  Nothing like being thrown right back in to life.  I am happy to say, and LOVING the fact that I am now COMPLETELY DONE with CLASSES (as of yesterday) and GROUP PROJECTS.   Can I get an amen?! The end is in sight!

Finally I am LOVING the updated countdown:
Graduation: 16 days (2 finals)
Moving day: 17 days
Christmas: 25 days 

More on our journey next time,

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