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Monday, November 7, 2011


Monday- again... a new week with a new To-Do list....
 I am linking up with Carissa again for Miscellany Monday

I finished my last weekend of clinicals this weekend!!! over 850 hours of my life spent doing clinicals.... I am glad to be done!!! Oh and I am SO glad I never have to wear that dang uniform again! Can't wait till the uniform burning!!! 

Jason and I spent the day yesterday packing... it is funny that such a dreadful task can be such a good day when it's spent with your husband.  Jason and I don't get very many full days together so we really appreciate them when we have them! We laughed a lot yesterday and I realized how well we really work as a team! I love that man!!!  

We don't have a lot more going on than packing and school work right now.  Our lives are pretty consumed with both! I will be glad to be done with all of the work- my last assignment is due the 9th of December! Jason's semester goes until the day I graduate- the 16th! Until then not a whole lot of excitement around here! 

 finally the countdown...
Thanksgiving: 17 days
Graduation: 39 days
 (3 days of class, 2 projects, 2 finals, 1 journal, 5 weeks (including Thanksgiving))
Moving day: 40 days
Christmas: 48 days 

More on our journey next time,

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