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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday with the Dews

Not much new around here.  We are busy packing, working on school work and trying to get everything done in the next 9 days.  This past weekend we got to go to Richmond one last time to see Jason's parents.  We had a great visit! I know it was a little bittersweet for Jason, but I keep reminding him that we will be just a plane ride away.  I know Jason is hoping his dad will come to Texas for the TCU vs Virginia game this fall.  It will be fun to get to show them all around when they come to visit.  
Now on to What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I am LOVING that classes are over, and my finals are pretty much done. I worked really hard to get them done early because I knew this week would be needed for packing.  Ready to be done.... for a little while : ) 

I am LOVING that we have Christmas with the community group tonight.  Again I think it will be a great time but also bittersweet.  I wont have to say goodbye to the girls tonight because we have plans on Friday! (I really hate goodbyes!) 

I am LOVING that Jason is done working 2 jobs.  I know that we have both done what we had to do during the last few years, but I am glad that he is done needing to work 2 jobs.  Have I mentioned how blessed we are? Thinking about it- seriously the Lord has provided for us not only in the last year or so, but also for our future.  We have both been blessed with job opportunities, a home, churches here and there, parents who support us and friends that love the Lord.  What more could we ask for? 

I haven't really had time to be on pinterest, therefore this post is a little sad.  Stay tuned maybe after Christmas for more exciting posts.  I'm not sure when our internet will be connected at the new house.  Hang with me for a little while.  Hopefully I will have time to post one more time before the move.  

More on our journey next time, 

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