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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yet another Monday...

Miscellany Monday...
Here is the weekend recap + my miscellany monday linking up here.
I sadly dont have any pictures from this weekend.... sorry for the boring blog! 

This weekend Jason and I did a lot of nothing.  These are always the best weekends! I love the time with my sweet husband and miss it so much during the week! We went to church as usual on Saturday night and I cannot tell you how much this study of Galations has blessed Jason and I.  We are truly thankful for the leadership that Matt brings to the church and the truth that he brings to our lives. You can find the podcasts for this study online here.  

On Sunday we met Ashley and the kids for lunch at Olive Garden.  After lunch we had to say goodbye to them until Easter.  It was so sad! Later on during the day we were at Target and I swear I heard Kaylyn cry.  It really breaks my heart that they aren't living just down the street.  Hurry up summer! 

SO... so much for having a good bracket this year! What is up with these teams??? Although we have had a lot of wrong picks this year Jason loves to see the underdog win- so he is loving it!  I am curious if anyone has a good bracket this year?!  I am still hoping to pull out the win on the bracket challenge!!! Stay tuned for the results. 

Jason and I went to the gym yesterday and I started to think about how thankful I am for number one him, and number two marriage.  We both jumped on the treadmill and off we went.  Jason had a 40 something inch tv above him with basketball on, I put my britt nicole pandora station in my ears, and we were both distracted enough to make it through.  About halfway through our time Jason doubled his speed and took off.  There are many things that make me proud of my husband, and this is one of them.  As he ran his little heart out, actually at a faster pace than he has for the last year, I saw him begin to struggle, breathing harder and harder and sweating more and more.  One of my favorite parts of marriage is that I get to do something I love.... I get to cheer my husband on in whatever he is doing.  Every few minutes I leaned over and reminded him that he COULD do this, just a little bit longer.... and I saw the man that I love dig deep and push on, without stopping and without giving up.  How beautiful is marriage.  I am so thankful that God knew exactly what I needed in a husband and that through crazy circumstances I met that man.  He works so hard in all that he does and when things get hard, he digs deep and keeps going.  I am so thankful for him!

For those of you that have been reading along... I am still not sleeping at normal hours.   Does anyone else have difficulty sleeping? Insomnia? Any tips out there?

I was looking back through some of my old Monday posts and I just had to laugh because I always ended with my countdown.  The Lord really knows how much you can handle lol.  Any way I thought hm... what could be a new countdown? So... there are 
280 days until Christmas.  
Just saying... HA! for now I will settle for summer! 

Hope everyone has a great week!
More on our journey next time,

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