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Monday, March 12, 2012

miscellany monday!

miscellany monday...

Monday is typically not my favorite day of the week, but the weather is so nice that it is making today a good day! At this moment it is 77 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!  The only thing that could make it better is Jason home.  Here is a little weekend recap in my miscellany monday linking up here .

We got to spend the weekend with our precious nieces and nephew.  They bring such joy to our lives and I am so glad they are living so close now! It will only get better when they are living just a short drive away! We spent plenty of time playing, eating and watching the Lorax with them! cute movie...
- I some how ended up with no pictures of our Craigger boy... sad day! -


I have been having SUCH a hard time sleeping... in fact there have been a few days that I am still awake when Jason's alarm goes off for him to get up for work. It has really been exhausting, but I think this time change is going to get it all straightened out! Regardless I have used my time wisely (I'm not sure who always told me this as a kid, but I still remember ha!) and spent some quality time talking, and listening to my creator.  I have a hard time just being still and taking the time to listen so this has been one good thing out of the crazy sleeping schedule.  I encourage you today to take the time to do this! 

"Sister" is defined as, "a female having the same parents as another" but in all reality a sister is so much more than that.  Ash and I haven't lived in the same town since we lived at mom and dad's house and being 4 years apart we have fond memories of hating not really liking each other, annoying each other and at times wishing we could send the other on a trip around the world to return in a very long time.  We also have hilarious memories of almost burning down the house while trying to make mom and dad breakfast in bed ha! (definitely ashley's idea), the crazy monster that would eat me if I crossed the middle of the bed when sleeping in Ashley's bed, camping, skiing and vacations to Hawaii, New York and Puerto Rico with the family just to name a few. This weekend we had a fun weekend laughing at each other and just being together. All this being said, my sister is much more than just someone that shares the same parents with me... She is someone I can count on to be there for me, pray for me, worry for me, make me laugh- even if I'm laughing at myself, cry with, and vent to when needed.  Ashley- I am so thankful for you! I can't wait to see how her girls grow up and understand how great they have it with a sister and even a brother in between.  I am thankful that God knew I needed a sister and beyond that a friend for life! love you ash!

Something I love about pinterest, beyond the obvious, is the scripture, quotes and sayings that I many times need to see and be reminded of! 


There is a lot of music that I love, but my current love is Britt Nicole. Many of her songs describe my life, and are exactly what I need to hear. That is my current pandora station- obsession! 
Here are some lyrics from her song 'Have your way'

You never said the road would be easy
You said you would never leave, 
And you never promised that this life isn't hard, 
But you promised you'd take care of me, 
So I'll stop searching for the answer, 
I'll stop praying for an escape, 
I'll trust you God with where I am
And believe you will have your way...

I am not sure who really reads this thing, but It is therapeutic for me to get my thoughts out there.  Regardless, I am praying for those of you that read this, that you would experience God in a real way, and that you might be encouraged today.  God is so good... all the time! 

More on our journey next time,

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