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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This week is flying by! happy Wednesday...

I LOVE that it is already Wednesday! 
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I am LOVING that it is finally march madness! This is one of Jason's favorite times of the year, okay really it is his favorite time of the year who am I kidding?! We just filled out our brackets, and if I'm lucky I will win again (for the 3rd year in a row, but who's counting?)... Jase picks based on what he knows about the teams etc. but really i pick based on the names, their colors and what I know about their cheerleaders.  HA! It has worked in the past, i hope it works again.  

I am sure if you are on pinterest you have seen these maps.... how fun! The colored states are the ones that we have visited.  Honestly with traveling for CCA I really couldn't remember all of the places that I have been so I probably missed a few! Oh well, if I can't remember being there- I need to go back! Ha!
You can check out THIS website to make yours...

Jason's map
My map

We need to get get out there! Hopefully we can cross off a few more this summer! 

A few more of my LOVES from pinterest this week:

Love these colors! 


And this is the BEST thing I found on Pinterest this week!!!! You have to ckeck out the website... this is Watermelon- Lime Sorbet.  You literally take all of the watermelon out, add the lime etc. then freeze it in a ice cream freezer and put it back into the rind... I cannot wait to make this!


I am LOVING Aldi! We had our first experience yesterday and will definitely be going back! A little about the store.... It is all about saving you time, and money! When you first get to the store you put a quarter in to get your basket... don't worry you get it back when you return it! This means they don't have to pay someone to go searching for the baskets in the parking lot... saving you money! Most of the items we bought yesterday were under $3.00.  Some other interesting things about the store include bagging your own groceries in your own bags unless you want to pay for bags... once again saving you money.  I saw a total of 3 people working in the store- but that is the whole point.  If they don't have to pay people to work, they don't have to charge you for it! What we have tasted so far we like!  

I am LOVING all that I am reading right now.  Jason and I are working on a youversion plan to read the bible in a year, and it has been so great to reread some things that I have read my whole life, and gain new understanding about Christ.  It has also been so exciting to see God work in Jason's life.  There are many "bible stories" that Jason has never heard because he wasn't in Sunday school as a child.  Although unfortunate, it has been fun to see him read and understand the "stories" I have tried to tell him about.  We just finished Genesis and Job and are moving on to Exodus and Psalms.  I am thankful for a man that is so eager to learn more, and I am more thankful for the neighbor that invited Jason to church so many years ago.  
I am so thankful that God loved us enough to pursue our hearts, even still.  

Hope you are all having a great week! 

More on our journey next time,


  1. I love the places you've been! I already made my own map to add to Pinterest:) Those colors in that bouquet are oh so gorgeous!!

    1. Isn't that map fun! I hope to keep it updated as we add to the places we visit!!! so fun!

  2. I love those maps! I've hardly been anywhere in the US...but I don't live there so that's my excuse. :P

    Dropping by from WILW.

    1. I guess thats a good excuse! lol! They should make international maps too- that would be fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. John Mark's grandpa loves ALDI and I wish we had one!!! :) Everything is so much cheaper!! :) Love YOU