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Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

In my effort to blog more I am linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday


This weekend was my first two 12 hour leadership shifts on the Mother Infant unit in Richmond.  Its crazy to think that this weekend represents what my life is about to turn in to.  i am definitely tired, but had a great weekend. I have 3 more weekends of leadership clinicals- and they are all between now and November 5th.  It is going to be a crazy month! 


After tomorrow I get a break until the 11th! I am determined to get as many papers/ projects done so that they are hanging over my head until the end of the semester. I'm also going to try to cook more throughout the break, sleep alot, clean alot... basically do everything I don't have time to do : )


Applications are being sent.... I am ready to know, and ready to start hearing back! Be praying!!!  Also be praying for Jason and his job opportunities.  We are really open to wherever the Lord wants us, there just seems to be a lot that have to "work out" for it all to happen.  I know the Lord has a plan- far better than anything I could ever think of! I am resting in that! 


This is my ultimate favorite time of the year! There is alot for us to look forward to! I have already made one batch of pumpkin bread. I LOVE everything pumpkin! One thing that makes every day better: 


The ultimate countdown:

My birthday: 28 days
Thanksgiving: 59 days
Graduation: 81 days
Christmas: 90 days

More on our journey next time!


  1. I LOVE everything pumpking in the fall too! My favorite season!

  2. Like Mother .... Like Daughter..... I even like pumpkin bagels!!! Here's to a quick semester and God's will about jobs!!! Love you both :)