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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well I can tell you that Jason and I are both VERY glad summer school is over.  It was a lot of work, but I am very glad to have those 2 classes over! The best part is that I now only have 2 classes left, community nursing and leadership.  There will be a lot of clinical hours, but nothing like the last year of my life! For those of you that miss my updates - there are 162 days left! I am pretty sure I gave the countdown every day of class!

This weekend Jason and I will have been married for one year.... wow! I can guarantee no one has experienced a year like this.  Jason and I both agree that we count on each other, and love each other because of the year we have had.  Everyone told me this would be the worst year of our marriage, but honestly it has been a great year for Jason and I.  The hard that came this year was school, and the stress and demand on me at all times.  Jason was the BEST through it all, supporting me, comforting me, and loving me through it.  He even helped me study (again, can't pronounce most of the words), cooked and cleaned when I couldn't, and rubbed my feet almost every single night.  I can honestly say, that I probably couldn't have made it without him.  He is my rock!

love that man!

More on our journey- next time

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