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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday loves...

What I'm loving Wednesday linking up here!
This edition is dedicated to Lynchburg... our home for the last 6 years.

- ONE-
Brentwood church.  We have been so thankful for the people we have meet through this church and the truth that has been taught to us.  It is at this church that we learned what it felt like to be taught instead of preached at.  We also learned about Freedom424 and the ministry they have freeing those enslaved in the sex trades in Thailand.  I am thankful for having the chance to get involved with them! We also learned how to do life with our community group.  I am so thankful for this group of people, and will really miss them alot, especially Wednesday nights.  Hopefully we will stay caught up via skype! 

Liberty University.  The reason why Jason and i both ended up in Lynchburg.  Although no university, or town for that matter is perfect, I am especially thankful for coming to Lynchburg while Jerry Sr. was still alive.  That man was the definition of living a life for Christ, holding nothing back and giving Him all the Glory and praise.  It was an honor to hear him at church and every Wednesday on campus. I am thankful that for different reasons God had a plan to bring Jason and I both to Liberty.   I also met some of my greatest friends at Liberty- shout out to Ashley, and my nursing girls! 

Some great years coaching cheerleading.  I am thankful for the years that I have had to get to know so many great girls and watch them grow into the women that God created them to be.  It was such a great time to see them push themselves to achieve something that was unreached for so many years.  Although they might not have always loved the pushing from their dear coaches, it was such a reward to see their hard work finally pay off.  I have learned so much about how to love these girls, and one day parent my own.  I am thankful for the examples, good and bad that I have seen because they have all impacted my life- in different ways of course : ).  This year I am proud of the girls that have stayed true to themselves, and continued to push themselves.  Shout out to Amy... I miss our afternoons together! 

Some awesome places to eat! Our favorites include: Neighbors Place, Geralds, Montana Plains, La Villa, Macados, Lacaretta, Joe Beans coffee (esp. the pumpkin spice, and frosty's favorite), and of course the Texas Inn.  There are many others but these are all I can think of right now! I also found my love for eating with local restaurants- not chains.  

Our little apartment, and our life for the past year and a half.  We have struggled and I am thankful for that.  Without knowing how to struggle, we would not know how to be thankful for what we will have in the future.  We have also learned how to make it on little, so that when we have more we will know how to save! Also, we have already started a list of what we are going to be thankful for this includes: no elephants upstairs, a backyard for tucker, a garage- or even better not having to fight for parking, no crazy loud small children outside my window, and last but not least a washer & dryer! Praise God hallelujah! 

I know that I am forgetting things for this post, and I am sure I will be missing things I never thought I would so stay tuned for more loves of Lynchburg.

Mom and Dad will get here tomorrow, graduation is Friday and we are planning to leave VERY early Saturday morning. 


More on our journey next time,

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