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Monday, January 16, 2012


It has been a while.... but finally we have internet so i can do a quick
Miscellany Monday

- ONE-
Graduation was GREAT! short and sweet and I was thankful for that.  We spent the day before and the day of packing the truck so that we could get in the car the next morning and start our journey to Texas.  We drove to about Nashville the first day, and the next morning continued on to our house.  We finally got here about 9:00 pm central time.  I can tell you that we were all exhausted! This whole move has really reminded me how great and important my family is.  Seriously without them I'm not sure the move would have been possible.  When we arrived to our house, my grandparents and 3 cousins were here to help us unload the truck.  It was amazing that what took us 2 whole days to pack was unpacked in about 2 hours.  Again, Thankful! 

We are fairly settled in our new house.  My mom was able to stay the week after we moved to help us get things where they needed to be.  (love her) That Thursday we made the drive to Lubbock and spent our first Christmas in a very long time there with my parents.  We were thankful for some down time! We also got to spend Christmas afternoon with my aunt and uncle and all of the kids on their side.  Once again, we are so thankful for our family! 

Since then Jason has started working, and I have been studying EVERY day.  Right now Jason is doing a lot of training, and i know he will be glad to get out there and just work.  We have been praying that God would use this time to get us out of our comfort zone and stretch us, and He has heard those prayers.  I am praying that Jason would be used in a great way to share the Lord with the guys He works with.  I know he is missing working with his friends, but am confident that the Lord has him in this place for a reason much greater than we could even fathom.

Right now my life is studying.... and that is IT.  I will be so glad to have this test behind me, but at this moment I can't even imagine that day actually being a reality.  I appreciate your prayers for me, and our family as we approach test day- January 24th at 2:00 pm central time- one week from tomorrow.

Some things we are loving about our new home:  extra room, no upstairs neighbors, sunsets, thunderstorms, family, chilis, chipotle and The Village Church.  Missing you all back in Lynchburg.  Let us know how you are doing! 

More on our journey next time, 


  1. Hey pledge sister! How are you? My mom's a nurse and I know how much of a blessing she is in her patients' lives. I know you will do great on your test! BTW, my MIL has 2 Masters degrees from Liberty and we got to go to the graduation for her first one. I thought of you while we were there!

    1. how did I just see this?! you are precious! I have been reading along following your crazy life! It was so great to hear from you!!! Hope you are doing well!