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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update and Christmas

It has definitely been too long, and my mother reminded me of that enough this week to make me update! For anyone out there reading, sorry for the long overdue post.  

My semester ended up okay- finals were killer, but I survived. Now all I can do is think about how I have to do it all over again.  I just completed med-surg, pharm and OB and next semester I will have med-surg, pharm and a pain management class.  This will consist of 12 more clinicals, 12 more profiles (that are about 10-20 pages each), 8 more 6 am tests and many projects.  Honestly I'm just ready for it to start so that it can be closer to being over!  After next semester I will take one class in June, and 3 classes next fall.  Then I'll be done !!!! (for a little while at least lol, I don't know that I'll ever really be done)

Jason is still working at Liberty and Jersey Mikes on nights that I have to study or write profiles.  Some people ask how this year as been and can't believe that I am in nursing school and married, but it's been fine! We were talking yesterday in the car and although our life is not ideal right now, and we are kind of in survival mode, we both know this is not forever and we enjoy the time we do have together right now, and will be thankful when life is a little more consistent. 

My entire family was in Miami at Ashley and Ryan's house this year for Christmas.  The weather was GREAT compared to what we left in Virginia.  We were able to see sweet Grace sing with the children's choir at the Christmas Eve service, Kaylyn dedicated at church on Sunday and had fun just playing with those sweet kiddos.  Sunday after church Dad took Jason fishing, unfortunately Ryan had to fly that day so he didn't get to go.  I think they had a great time, he has been talking nonstop about it!  Not only did he get to learn how to fish, and catch BIG fish, he got to spend some great time with my Dad and I love that! Hopefully next time Ryan will get to go. Jason also got to fly with Ryan while we were there.  I know he is grateful for that experience and being able to see Ryan do his thing! 

After a few delays yesterday we are finally home.  I slept through both flights yesterday, fell asleep last night at 7 and woke up today at about 9:30.  I guess you can say I was worn out! I have all kinds of pictures  that I will update with a little later.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

More on our Journey later, 

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  1. We had a great week with our whole family in Florida! From the 3 D movie with all 9 of us, to Church on Christmas Eve and the traditional mexican dinner with yes.... the rolly uppy things... Jason..... to Christmas morning and the Shoo Fly Pie to playing games that evening..... we loved having our whole crew there with us. Daddy and I are very blessed to have two wonderful son in laws taking care of our two wonderful daughters and grandkids! Love you both!!!