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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures from our trip to Florida

I was going to attempt to do pictures throughout the last year, but sadly I didn't take very many.  Another thing to work on this year! 

Grace got her first pedicure! 

 My daddy used to brush out my wet hair, now its Grace's turn.   
 Such a sweet thing to see! 

Grace is a riot! Christmas Eve we always get pajamas from my parents. After opening that gift the kiddos set out their milk, cookies and reindeer food, along with their letters to Santa.  Jason Santa was especially glad about this part. : )

 The Isaac's couch.  Stocking stuffers are our favorite! 

Although I think Craig was a little shocked at first, he made a great Buzz!

Kaylyn got a baby doll !!! Although she is definitely excited about her baby, she has this smile all the time.  We were so glad to get to love on her while we were there!                                               


 Kaylyn was also dedicated at church on Sunday.
 Hoping that there are better pictures on my sisters camera! 

Once that sweet mother of mine sends me the fishing pictures I will add those as well. Jason and I have also been working on our "bucket list" for 2011that I will share if he lets me : ) .  A little shout out to my mom, and the other teachers out there- hope it's a great day back at school. 

More on our journey next time, 

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  1. I think you captured our trip! We had a wonderful time spending quality time with our children, their spouses, and our adorable grandchildren! Everyday we had something fun to do and to look forward to with each of you! There's just nothing better than a few days FIX with my kids!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures..... now... where's the fishing pics I posted???? Get on it, girl!