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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jason's day off!

Jason had the day off, so we went to Crabtree Falls for a Hike. This is supposedly the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi, and only about 45 minutes away from Lynchburg. Although I thought I might die... we made it to the top! It was about 2 miles each way, and about 90 degrees, so we were worn out by the time we got back to the car! 

A few thoughts from today.... 
There were many times that I thought we just might not make it, or that we should turn around and just go back down, however we pushed through and made it the top.  I know for normal people this hike may not be that big of a deal, but to those of us that don't hike, especially in 90 degree weather it was tough!  I didn't let Jason see this, but the moment I knew we were almost to the top I got tears in my eyes.  This hike represents so much more than the hike its' self- it was the culmination of this school year.  Knowing that tomorrow is my last Med-Surg class is like getting to the top of that waterfall... although there were times when I thought I might not make it, and I should just give up, I pushed through and it's almost the end! Praise the Lord! When we reached the top this was our conversation: 
Heather: "We made it !!!! I really thought we might not at one point"
Jason: "I knew we would! You're too determined to quit"
This has been our year.... Jason continually pushing me, telling me I could do it and reminding me that I won't let myself quit! I am so thankful for him!!! 

Some pictures from our day:

We went to the very top! (as in the part you can hardly see)
                                                                                                                                Almost there! 

Please excuse how gross we look!

More on our journey next time, 


  1. So proud of you! I am sure you saw so many beautiful things along your hike, and realized that God was the driving force behind it all! And those little flowers that were in the perfect places, when you needed a little glimpse of hope, those were the grace and mercy he has for you! You are both such beautiful souls! I love you and am inspired by you! Isn't it so amazing that God gives us experiences that show us what he has been trying to teach us all along, that we completely missed! Thank God he lays it out in waterfalls and hikes with the one we love! You are truly Blessed. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

  2. Wow..... You both never cease to amaze me! When I turn around I find that you are out enjoying life and all of God's beauty. I'm so happy to know that you will take time out to spend time together and enjoy all the wonders that God has created. When I think of the two of you .... I see two precious young people, with a LOVE for the LORD and for each other. You know as a Mom and Dad, that is what we spent your entire childhood preparing you for.... to be independent adults who dedicate their lives to Christ. We couldn't be prouder of both of you for your hard work at school and job, work ethic, committment to your dreams and each other. Thanks for making us very HAPPY and Proud!