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Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Jason...

An Update on Life...
For Spring Break and a mini vacation from life Heather and I went to Miami to see the family. It was a nice change of scenery being able to fly into Florida over clear ocean water. While we were there we got to relax and enjoy being with family. Always nice to get to spend time with those amazing kids. They are growing up so fast. Baby Kaylyn is getting so big now, Craig is talking up a storm, and Grace is the ring leader of the three! For the first time since I can remember we were able to go to the beach! When we were not having to dodge man-o-wars we were able to help Craig build a sand castle, I think he was more interested in destroying it than building it :). I was able to spend time with the guys getting to try my hand at trap shooting, was a little worried at first, two words that have never been in the same sentence together is Jason and gun, however it turned out pretty well....just ask the bruise on my shoulder. I was really glad I got to experience that with Rick and Ryan! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, hated leaving Florida but we were able to return safely to Lynchburg and resume normal life as we know it. The last four weeks have been pretty fun for Heather and I. I never knew there was anyone who liked to fill out NCAA tournament brackets more than I. And for the record, yes, Heather did beat me. Wait, let me rephrase that, Heather DESTROYED me in our bracket challenge. It was a lot of fun! After every game Heather got out the pen and highlighter, normally for her to highlight her correct pick and cross out what I thought was a right pick. We really enjoyed the ride that VCU took america on! It was nice seeing the underdog beat Goliath for once or 5 times for the record but hey who is counting! Life is staying pretty steady for me at work, just trying to do the best I can! I can't say how proud I am of Heather for working so hard this semester. She is such a trooper, her dedication to her goals and her life's ambitions are such an inspiration to me. I know my wife is going to be an amazing nurse when she graduates. I cant wait to see and hear about all the different peoples lives she is going to touch! The semester is over May 9th and Heather is promising an update.

More on our journey next time!
Love Jason

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  1. We had a wonderful time too! Sure are looking forward to camping in July! We can't wait! It is so much fun to expose Jason to new things .... it reminds us of the excitement we all felt the first time we did these things! And he's such a good sport!